Hotel Review: June 2019

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We typically love sharing a multitude of reviews from travelers who recently experienced our property each month, but this month one TripAdvisor was just “Darn Cloe to Perfect” so we had to focus on this special message. Thanks so much to “Island Wayne” for taking the time to so eloquently share your detailed feedback about the Sarasota Sleep Inn / MainStay Suites!

Darn Close To Perfect …
As a person who travels frequently I found what I really need is a hotel in a safe environment with a squeaky-clean room and hot water. The rest, as they say, is truly icing on the cake.

This new Sleep Inn is off to a great start. The person, or persons, who designed this property had you in mind. From their over-sized shower with fantastic water pressure to a nice pool area, you will be pleasantly surprised. The only obstacle that can hurt this property is if rates begin to soar and/or they do not keep the property in its pristine condition.

Check-in went okay. Parker, the front desk rep, went out of his way to welcome us to the property. He was extremely pleasant, and it was appreciated. Personally, at check-in, I don’t like signing and initialing more things than when I bought my last home. After a long flight, and drive, I don’t have time to read small print. Initialing the $250 fine for smoking in the room, for example, was a little silly because let’s face it, to make that stick would take an act from God. The guest could say anything from, “the previous guest did it to the maintenance person did it.” The only real winner there was the lawyer who no doubt charged Sleep Inn too much money to come up with the idea. Personally, I cannot believe people still engage in such a filthy unhealthy habit, and for that reason, I guess it’s the thought that counts.

The Lobby was warm, spacious, open, and welcoming however the air conditioning was freezing. When guests need their jacket for breakfast you know it’s set too cold. I loved the outdoor seating area which could only be nicer if there was a fire pit.

The room is an absolute delight and should possibly be the “blueprint” for any future hotel designers. The décor is warm and welcoming. Whether you were in meetings all day or shell collecting at Siesta Key, you will won’t mind coming “home” to your room.

I think everyone’s reaction to the bathroom is “wow!” A beautiful over-sized shower is a wonderful way to start the day. Plenty of room on the vanity for all your goodies and thirsty clean white towels are also waiting for you. Lighting was excellent complimented by a large mirror. I appreciated the nightlight which is no doubt wonderful for anyone needing to use the facility in the middle of the night. I even liked the “leaf shaped” soap which keeps in theme with the room. Again, all very nice touches.

And that is what you’ll find everywhere you look. Nice extra “touches” this hotel did not need to do. I loved the shelving units with no drawers! Finally! Drawers are not needed in a hotel as, they eventually break and/or wear out, plus it’s a haven for guests to leave articles behind. There was a place to hang clothes with plenty of hangers for two people. An iron and ironing board were also on hand for the poor unfortunate person who needs to iron something. There is also a nice hair dryer for those who need add some bounce to their hair.

Unfortunately there was only one shelf for a suitcase. As much as I travel I will never understand why hotels provide a suitcase stand/shelf for one suitcase. I guess other suitcases will have to stay in the hallway, lol. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room for their luggage on the floor.

The flat screen television is a nice size with an easy to use remote. Thankfully, there was no station trying to sell you in-room movies. The guide was easily found. Very nice. Very smart. Very appreciated.

I like a full-length mirror because I look even better from head to toe. Just kidding, however I did like the mirror in the sleeping area. The ergonomic office chair and desk is a step above perfect for those needing to do some work.

A fridge and microwave is always a welcome touch. And though I don’t cook in the room the fridge will welcome for your favorite brew or soft drink. The fridge was nice and cold, however again, it was brand new.

I am not a fan of carpeting and quite honestly was surprised to see it in the room. I have not seen carpeting in a new property in years. The light color is already showing some wear, or quite possibly dirt. Hopefully when they remodel they will use vinyl flooring for a cleaner, fresher look.

The Friedrich AC/Heating unit was a perfect choice. This unit can handle a much larger area and therefore has plenty of power to cool/heat the rooms nicely. It’s also easy to operate. Another great plus! I was surprised to find no “automatic turn off” for the AC when you leave the room. The problem with this is so many guests just don’t care and will leave the unit running all day while they are away so they can come back to a cold room. That becomes a waste of money and energy that, in the end, the guests will pay for.

I must say I loved the window shades. I know this sounds more than strange, but if you stay here you will know what I mean. I have not seen this style before. Just perfect for this kind of venue. Whoever picked those out deserve a round of applause.

With regard to pools my feeling is if you can’t do it right don’t do it at all. So many properties will install a $300 pool which ends up big enough for two kids and one beach ball. This way they can advertise they have a pool, but in actuality, they do not. Our friends at Sleep Inn installed a rather impressive pool. And though it’s in a parking lot they did their best making it as nice as possible. I love the stair-less walk-in. It’s something we see all over the world but rarely in this country. Great for kids! There was plenty of chairs and umbrellas. The chairs seem like a good choice as it appears they will take some abuse. I also like the bathrooms, and drinking fountain, right at the pool area. It would have been nice if there were showers so guests could hang by the pool passed check-out and then shower, if they had a late flight. Big thirsty towels can be grabbed at the desk on the way to the pool. Very easy. Another great plus is the pool hours. 7 AM to 10 PM is close to perfect. 7 AM to 11 PM would be perfect. The pool is fairly large with nice curves, however when their suite-annex opens I am concerned the area could become a little crowded. Let’s hope not.

Breakfast is provided each morning in a nice, peaceful, spacious setting. The temperature, like the lobby area, is simply too cold. What I witnessed here in the morning was actually painful. From guests taking enough fruit and food back to their room for their lunch and dinner to guests grabbing handfuls of silverware to, I guess, take home with them. Some ate like they haven’t seen food in years. People! It’s breakfast. Have a sensible breakfast and leave some food for the next guest. You’ll find ample goodies including a waffle station, cereal, (though they lose a few points for no-name cereal), eggs, sausage, muffins, yogurt and the likes. There is not a huge turnover of different items each day if you find yourself here for several days, however, there is more than enough goodies to start our day. Orange juice was fresh and tasty. Overall, breakfast, like the property itself, was just about perfect for us.

The front desk had some games on hand for free and for sale. Very cool for the kids that want to play a card game or whatever. Again, thoughtful, classy and smart.

The business center was also a nice touch as we are seeing hotels steer away from this. We had to print some travel documents which we did with ease. Thank you!

I know many of you can’t wait to do laundry while on vacation! Good news, machines are available.

And there you have it, a quick overview of a new property that is impressive to say the least. Awesome customer service, an array of extra goodies, and squeaky-clean rooms. I want to personally thank everyone on this team as you truly deserve our appreciation. Now as long as rates don’t get out of hand you will have a winner. I wish you much success.