Wallenda Siblings to Perform Highwire Walk Across NYC’s Times Square

The Wallenda name has been revered for generations for the family’s expertise as “wire walkers.” The Wallendas have always been admired in their hometown – our hotel’s hometown of Sarasota! – across the country and around the world for their daredevil stunts, carefully planned wire walks above some of the world’s most legendary destinations.

Now, Nik Wallenda and his sister Lijana will perform one of their family’s most challenging walks yet, crossing a high-wire in between two NYC skyscrapers, from 17 to 25 stories high in the middle of Times Square!

The brother-sister duo returns to prime time this evening, making a triumphant recovery. Lijana and several of their family members suffered a multitude of serious injuries in a 2017 accident during a rehearsal for Sarasota’s Circus Arts Conservatory. The “Flying Wallendas” are known for the family’s famous pyramids on the high wire. The acrobats were practicing for an unprecedented eight-person pyramid trick when they lost their balance and several members of the act fell 20 to 25 feet. Lijana’s physical and psychological preparations for her return to the high wire have been demanding, a testament to the Wallendas’ determination.

Nik explained his sister’s preservation on Good Morning America last week:  “I’ve done some big events in short periods of time, but nothing compares to this. What she’s having to overcome to me, is almost impossible, and I’ve done this my whole life as well. This is the highest walk by double anything she’s ever attempted before and the longest by quadruple.”

Please join us in cheering on these hometown heroes and amazing entertainers tonight! Viewers across the country are invited to tune into ABC this evening to watch “Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda,” airing live on Sunday, June 23, 2019, 8-10 p.m. EST. Our local ABC affiliate, Sarasota’s ABC 7, will be commencing their live coverage 7 p.m.

Thanks, Nik and Lijana for inspiring all of us to “Never Give Up!”

(We know you are ready following your training at Nathan Bendenson Park down the street from our hotel!)